(Global Green Material Co., Ltd)

Founded in 2021, it is one of the few recycled plastic manufacturers in Taiwan with advanced regeneration processes. It is co-founded by several recycled plastic suppliers with more than 20 years’ experience in Taiwan recycling industry.  The purpose is to provide our brand customers with solutions to adopt sustainable material through the integration and innovation of existing technologies and resources. We master the PCR plastic feedstock’s recycling supply chain, including general plastics and engineering plastics; and set up professional laboratories to continuously study the application technology of recycled plastics to enhance our core competitiveness.。


Global Green Materials, is composed of a group of professional managers who have worked in the recycled plastic industry for many years. They are committed to producing PCR general plastics and PCR engineering plastics, as well as plastic compounding and color matching. We take environmental care, advanced technology, and innovative thinking as the company's main core values. We hope to achieve world-class granulation technology and R&D capabilities and provide materials that meet the needs of our customers and promote to the international market. The company's vision is to build a green material supply platform within five years, and invite like-minded partners to join the PCR material supply alliance to provide a variety of recycled plastic materials on the platform to meet the material needs of customers in the international market.

                                       Competitive Advantage


Professional technology

The technology of plastic recycling granulation may not have a high threshold, but it takes a long time to accumulate experience to maintain stable quality and high-quality output; and we have a professional R&D laboratory. Plastic compounding and color matching are carried out according to the needs, so that customers can directly produce the products after receiving our resin.

Resource Integration

In addition to our professional granulation technology, our related companies have been operating in the upstream and downstream in recycling industry for a long time. We not only master the supply of diverse recycled materials, but also cooperate with many plastic processing factories to provide customers with recycled plastic application needs, from suitable One-stop service for material selection, supply, R&D and deployment, and even finished product processing after granulation.

Geared to the International Standard

Currently, most of our product line have obtained traceability certification from PIDC, and it is planned to obtain international traceability certifications such as GRS and TUV in 2022. In addition to obtaining ISO-related international standard certification for factory management, we will also implement various ISO standards in In the factory, procurement, production, quality inspection, and shipment can be systematically managed.