2023/12/22 Global Green Material Co., Ltd- Asia's First to Obtain US FDA NOL Certification

With global awareness rising on plastic reduction and carbon footprint, countries in Europe and the Americas are actively promoting the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics for packaging materials. This initiative allows plastics to go through a cycle of recycling, processing, and reuse, contributing to a cradle-to-cradle approach. In recent years, led by the European Union and the United Nations, many countries worldwide have begun approving and legislating food-grade recycled plastics for the production of food-contact containers. Global Green Material Co., Ltd, located in Changhua, Taiwan, started planning for relevant certifications in 2021 to meet the demand for international brands seeking food-grade recycled plastic materials. The company embarked on the challenge of obtaining the high-threshold certification from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) known as the No-Objection Letter (NOL). Apart from the common PP and HDPE materials used by global suppliers, GGM also applied for PS material—a material rarely approved in European and American countries and unattained by any supplier in Asia.

Global Green Material Co., Ltd’s Manager, Raymond Chang, shared FDA NOL certified materials at the TASS 2023 event.

Jerry Shih, CEO of GGM, noted that traditional sources of recycled PS (polystyrene) were often derived from Styrofoam boxes or household appliance casings. However, due to the product characteristics, additives such as foaming agents and flame retardants were required. These additives posed challenges for the recycled material to pass the certification for food-grade recycled materials, making it relatively difficult for PS to become a food-grade material.
Global Green Material Co., Ltd provides recycled plastic materials and showcases practical applications.

GGM, in collaboration with its affiliated company, Yung Iee Green Material Co., Ltd., also a Ministry of Environmental Protection-approved waste plastic container processing facility, engages in the recycle, processing, and recovery of PS food plastic containers discarded by the public. With over 20 years of experience in recycling technology, GGM combines resources from the upstream and downstream of the industry supply chain to produce high-quality PCR plastic pellets that have a light odor, clean color, and low impurities. In addition to obtaining FDA NOL approval, the company has also received international certifications such as the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and TÜV Rheinland for PCR traceable materials.
In recent years, recycled material products have become highlights at exhibitions.

After two years of continuous efforts, Global Green Material Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the FDA No-Objection Letters for food-contact recycled materials HDPE, PP, and PS in November 2023. This achievement marks Taiwan as the first country with a company obtaining FDA NOL certification for three material types and the first in Asia for PS material. It is a significant milestone, undoubtedly the glory of Taiwan.

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